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“History Fights Back” 

Call for Proposals 

New York State History and Education Conference (NYSHEC) 

SUNY Oneonta, October 28-30, 2022 

Innovative, accessible, and inclusive history research and education have never been more relevant than in our current moment. History has a critical role to play in leadership, decision-making, policy, civics education, justice work, and community life. Yet, historians and educators face an increasingly challenging landscape in which politicians and pundits seek to limit open discourse and critical interrogation of many aspects of the past. The conference theme— “History Fights Back”—tackles this situation head on, creating spaces for lively discussion and dialogue on the ways in which historians and educators of all backgrounds can make their voices heard and stand up for well-researched and inclusive historical narratives. 

The New York State History and Education Conference has five guiding objectives:  

  • Encourage collaboration across the history community (and beyond) 
  • Connect K-12 educators and history professionals and provide resources for teaching the complex history of New York State, the nation, and the world 
  • Imagine a more diverse and inclusive history of New York State 
  • Deliberately amplify Indigenous voices 
  • Challenge traditional conference structures to be livelier and more welcoming

We welcome proposals from all history practitioners and educators that address the diverse history of New York State. We especially welcome proposals that feature Indigenous histories and voices. 

We strongly urge participants not to read papers. Instead, sessions that adopt a variety of formats—such as roundtable discussions, workshops, performances, and interactive activities—are encouraged. An important objective is to generate dialogue and authentic engagement among conference participants. We invite substantive exchanges and creative re-imaginings of the standard conference formats. 

We are particularly interested in proposals that connect K-12 educators with historians working in a variety of settings, such as museums, historic sites, and colleges and universities. Proposals that highlight primary resources and digital projects are encouraged. 

Finally, we welcome full session proposals that include a theme and slate of presenters. Our preference is for full session proposals; however, individual presentation proposals will be accepted, and we will make an effort to group them around common themes. 

Proposals are due by July 15, 2022.

Submit your proposal via Google Forms HERE.

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